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Full Stack Software Engineer - Frontend

Location: Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

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Requisition Number: 107

External Description:

Full Stack Software Engineer - Frontend

You work with a variety of teams on several different projects, both client facing (with reach of millions of people) and internal websites reaching many types of device. You will be expected to learn continually and be self-driven to adopt software best practices and rise to new challenges as we continue to grow. This vacancy is a perfect match for a person who is passionate about sports, willing to take on challenges and responsibility for new projects from scratch, deliver the best quality results to our clients and to be an integral part of a focused, agile team.

Soft skills

* Facilitate collaborative problem solving within the team and with other teams, you interact with.
* Strive for team consensus and win-win agreements.
* Ensure discussions, decisions and disagreements lead towards closure.
* Encourage constant improvement, self-education and a desire for learning in your team and yourself
* Assess where someone could benefit from a course or a book and encourage them to learn
* Use your 10% time to experiment and push your boundaries
* Be open to new ideas and encourage creativity
* Lead by example
* Personal time management and team time management.
Duties and responsibilities
* Guide team development efforts towards successful project delivery
* Analysis of requirements from internal and external customers 
* Architect, design and development of new software products and components 
* Producing high quality, tested and maintainable code, using the best technologies for the problem at hand
* Investigation and resolution of issues reported by internal and external customers
* Guides team in working with stakeholders and ensures that the UX development process is followed
* Ensure the team follows the development process and delivers software which adheres to the Front-end Definition of Done

 Required Skills

* Exceptional core JavaScript
* Experience with Node.JS is a plus
* Knowledge of software design patterns and messaging patterns
* Knowledge of and experience using build systems - Webpack, Maven, Gulp, Grunt, Gradle
* Experience using a JavaScript Compiler or transpiler. Compilers with strong typing is preferred to transpilers
* Knowledge and experience with constructing and managing build pipelines
* Knowledge and experience with repository management and artifact management and versioning - Nexus, NPM, Maven
* Exceptional CSS
* Knowledge of and experience of a CSS pre-processor, for example Sass of Less. Knowledge how to write mixins and understanding of how the compilation process works.
* Experience in unit, integration and functional testing
Desirable Skills
* Knowledge of a client side framework such as but not limited to React or Angular
* Experienced full stack developer
* Polyglot programming 
* Experience with time based measurement and counting
* Experience in client side performance monitoring

Some benefits we offer you:

* IT Training Budget
* Breakfast (milk, fruits, cereal and more)
* Comfortable resting and gaming areas
* Prepaid medicine (100% coverage)
* Professional Growth within an international company
* Constant social events

Company Profile:

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Genius Sports is a global leader in digital sports content, technology and integrity services. Our technology is used in over 150 countries worldwide, empowering sports to capture, manage and distribute their live data and video, driving their digital transformation and enhancing their relationships with fans.

Headquartered in London, we are the trusted partner to over 500 sports organisations globally, including many of the world’s largest leagues and federations such as the NBA, Premier League, FIBA, NCAA and PGA TOUR.

Genius Sports is more than a technology provider. We build long-term partnerships with sports at all levels, helping them to control and maximise the value of their content while providing technical expertise and round-the-clock support.

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